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7:27 AM, Jun 19, 2013

George Zimmerman glances back at the gallery during a recess in Seminole circuit court on the sixth day of his murder trial June 17, 2013 in Sanford, Fla.

Copyright Getty Images
Copyright Getty Images

George Zimmerman glances back at the gallery during a recess in Seminole circuit court on the sixth day of his murder trial June 17, 2013 in Sanford, Fla.

SANFORD, Fla. (AP) -- Prosecutors and defense attorneys in the George Zimmerman murder trial are about to move into the next phase of jury selection. On Wednesday, lawyers from both sides will begin whittling down a group of 40 prospective jurors, selected over a little more than a week's time, to a final group of six jurors and four alternates. In Florida, 12 jurors are required only for criminal trials involving capital cases, when the death penalty is being considered. Twenty-seven of the 40 potential jurors are white, seven are black, three are mixed race and three are Hispanic. Twenty-four are women and 16 are men.

RELATED: George Zimmerman charged in Trayvon Martin killing http:// bit.ly/11qGAl7 The racial and ethnic makeup of potential jurors is relevant, prosecutors say. They have have argued that Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer for his gated community in Sanford, Fla., profiled Trayvon Martin when he followed the black teen last year as Martin was walking back from a convenience store to the house of his father's fiancee. Zimmerman, who identifies himself as Hispanic, fatally shot Martin a short time later following a confrontation that was partially captured on a 911 call. The case prompted public outrage around the nation, with some accusing Sanford police of failing to investigate the shooting thoroughly from the beginning because of the 17-year-old Martin's race and because he was from the Miami area. Zimmerman, 29, is charged with second-degree murder. He is pleading not guilty, claiming self-defense.

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http:// bit.ly/11QNWhR The 40 potential jurors represent a cross-section of people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds who have varying levels of familiarity with the case's basic facts. Through an initial round of interviews that included questions focused on pretrial exposure to the case via the news media or other means, lawyers were able to find a group of potential jurors who said they could focus on testimony provided in the courtroom. Included in the group is a white woman in her 20s who said she once "liked" a photograph of Martin on Facebook. Also making it to the next round is a white man in his 30s who said he thought Zimmerman "sounded like a concerned neighbor" when he initially encountered Martin.

Others expressed mixed feelings about the racial undertones of the case. One was a middle-aged black man who said he thought Martin's death was "typical" with the history of violence he's noted against black men in America. In contrast, another middle-aged black man said he didn't agree with the racial connotations attached to the shooting and the protests that were held after it. He called those actions, which involved the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, "saber-rattling." Another prospective juror in the pool is a Mexican national in his 40s who said he had little knowledge of the case, but wanted to serve on the jury as a means to serve his adopted country. Judge Debra Nelson said attorneys for both the prosecution and the state would be allowed to ask much broader questions in the second round than they did in the first.

RELATED: Trayvon Martin case: Could it happen in Oklahoma? http:// bit.ly/18n3of0 Each side has 10 preemptory challenges, also called strikes, which it can use to eliminate jurors. Attorneys for both sides have unlimited challenges for cause. Once the preemptory challenges are exhausted, the jurors who haven't been eliminated for cause will form the final jury. Nelson said last week that once pared down, the final jury would be sequestered throughout the trial to protect it from outside influence. Four prospective jurors questioned Tuesday morning expressed no strong opinions about the case. They included a mixed-race man in his 50s, a mixed-race woman in her 20s, a white woman in her 20s and a black man in his 50s. When asked what his impressions were about the case, the mixed-race man in his 50s said, "You had a family grieving for the loss of their son. You have another family grieving for the potential loss of their loved one to this process. You had supporters on both sides, and some people were very angry."

Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

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No single reason explains why people become violent extremists, but it often happens when someone is trying to fill a deep personal need. For example, a person may feel alone or lack meaning and purpose in life. Those who are emotionally upset after a stressful event also may be vulnerable to recruitment.Some people also become violent extremists because they disagree with government policy, hate certain types of people, don’t feel valued or appreciated by society, or think they have limited chances to succeed.

Personal Needs

Just about everyone wants to be happy and feel like they make a difference in life. Meeting these needs through violent activities is not the answer. Learn how unmet needs could lead to radicalization.

Instructions:Read the seven personal needs below.

Now, match each of these personal needs with the descriptions below and learn how the unmet need could lead a person to violent extremism.

Personal Need:

Personal Need:

Personal Need:

Personal Need:

Personal Need:

Personal Need:

Personal Need:

Don’t Be a Puppet

Extremists often target people who wish to fill a deep personal need—especially those who lack a sense of purpose or identity in this sometimes difficult world. Don’t be a puppet. Violent extremism isn’t the right way to deal with your problems or with those who have different beliefs.

Violent extremists may also try to recruit you by tapping into your personal problems. Remember that everyone experiences difficult emotions. Seek help or be supportive of others going through a tough time.

Those who feel isolated can sometimes be easily convinced by violent extremist beliefs. Don’t become a puppet for violent extremists by joining groups that want to hurt others just so you feel less alone. Consider healthy ways you can connect with others, including people that share your interests.
Teens can be stressed by problems at home, grades, peer pressure, bullying, and other issues. Blaming other people, groups, or the government is not a good way to cope with your anxiety, so don’t become a puppet for violent extremist groups that do this. Look for other ways to reduce stress, such as talking to friends or exercising.
It is natural to feel frustrated or angry when you are treated unfairly or rejected by others. But don’t become a puppet for violent extremists to create an outlet for your anger and revenge. Find peaceful, constructive ways of dealing with feelings of frustration.
Painful experiences—including physical or emotional abuse, a romantic breakup, or the loss of a loved one—can upset a person and lead to lifelong challenges. Don’t become a puppet for violent extremist groups just to mask your pain or grief. Seek help from a parent, teacher, or professional.

Violent extremists often target those who are lonely, anxious, frustrated, bored, angry, or confused. Don’t be a puppet. Recognize that violent extremists don’t have the answers you need. They just want to use or control you.


If Delemarche and Robinson were speaking to Karl, would it go:

Wir versprechen, falls wir selbst Arbeit bekommen sollen , Ihnen (dir) eine Lehrlingsstelle zu verschaffen.

(For question 3, I will assume that the answers to 1 and 2 are both yes.) What is the meaning of in the three sentences (including the original)? If possible please also provide some sentences using the word in the same sense.

Would this be actually wrong, bad or not as good as the version with in it or have a different meaning:

Wir versprechen, falls wir selbst Arbeit bekommen, Ihnen (dir) eine Lehrlingsstelle zu verschaffen.

If the answer to 1 or 2 is no, then that would mean was not part of the original speech to Karl, but somehow got into the narration as part of narration or shifting of tenses. In this case, please explain at what stage goes into the narration and what is its meaning.

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edited Apr 24 at 8:43
asked Apr 24 at 8:36
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Have a hint: The subclause "...falls sie selbst Arbeit bekommen sollten." is in . Thus, a lot of your assumptions simply don't apply. You might want to re-write the question based on this hint. tofro Limited Edition Sale Online Affordable Online Tods City Gommino Driving Shoes in Patent Leather Fast Delivery Cheap Online 3ro0a0m8J
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This is tricky, because it's both indirect speech and a conditional. The conditional alone commands though. Indirect speech would have called for , but because the forms of first person plural are identical to , the forms had to be used instead.

This isn't indirect speech anymore. BUT it's still a conditional. This is why the form is still needed.

The meaning of sollten in both examples is should this happen .

Consider the instead. (and English , too) has a different meaning in that mood:

"I will call, if a third person requires me to accept her help."

This is fine in , because does not have the side effects of and the is enough to mark the conditional. If you go without you again need :

Concluding, sollte is a helper for as würde is for . This is pretty similar to and in English.

Sie versprachen ihm, falls sie selbst Arbeit bekommen sollten , ihm eine Lehrlingsstelle zu verschaffen.

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